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Warm chia pudding with coconut fried banana

When the cooler Winter months are nearing, it’s time to start cooking a breakfast that has you feeling fuller for longer.


4 of the best leggings to wear on long flights

We have found 4 of the best leggings to help reduce swelling in your legs from long distance flights.

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Blue: the most on-trend colour this season

Move over black, this year there is a new colour in town and all the fashion-forward women are going for blue hues in athleisure.


The life-changing loaf of bread

Try one of the most genius and easy-to-make recipes for a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan loaf of bread ever.


The key to getting a perkier butt

The reason your butt may not be getting perkier could quite simply be due to inactive glutes. So learn how to get them firing

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Raw Vegan expert of Raw Satya, Rosemarie Walmsley, gives us her most loved Raw Vegan Easter Egg recipe to try!

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5 reasons to love your leafy greens

Melbourne Naturopath and raw food expert shares why you need to love your leafy greens and how to make the ideal green smoothie


6 Reasons You Need To Start Cycling

If you’re looking for ways to burn fat fast and tone your legs and booty, put cycling on your next healthy addiction list.


All Eyes Are On Talbot Avenue

All eyes are on Talbot Avenue, a new fitness, lifestyle apparel brand from Melbourne. At an ideal price point, this is a brand you need!


Delicious Raw Vegan Mars Bar Recipe

A mouth watering recipe for all those chocolate lovers – and even better, it is healthy, vegan AND gluten free! We are in heaven!